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Prepping for Your Boudoir Shoot the Night Before

Hey guys!


I’m so excited to be bringing my fellow photographers a new way to get all my tips and tricks about boudoir: through blogs! I have an entire Facebook Group that is a community for photographers who are shooting light and airy boudoir. If you’re not a member yet, you can join here! It’s a goldmine of posing tips, lighting advice, making clients feel comfortable, and all-around helping you be the most confident boudoir photographer you can be. 


Today I wanted to talk to you all about one of my most asked questions. “Emma, it’s the night before my boudoir session and I’m freaking out a bit. What do I do!?”


I got you, ladies! My first tip would be to check out the Facebook Group and see what advice your fellow photographers have posted about. You’re not the only one who has felt nervous before a shoot and it can help you know that you’re not alone and you got this! But I do have some top tips, so let’s dive in. 


1. Check gear 

This is a priority for whatever session or wedding you are photographing. Make sure your gear is good to go! Have all of your batteries charged, format memory cards, gather your lenses and camera bodies if they aren’t together, and grab any accessories you may use, like a reflector. Having your gear ready the night before is so helpful because you don’t have to rush to do it in the morning and worry if you forgot something. 

2. Download my freebie

I have an entire freebie on posing boudoir clients! You can grab it here. Download the guide so that you can see my top ten prompts that I use during my boudoir sessions. Having this in your back pocket can feel like a lifesaver if you ever get stuck! Remember, you don’t have to rush from pose to pose during a session. You can take your time, help the client feel relaxed and even take a look at your phone quick to see some of my prompts if you ever get stuck. 

3.Prep the fun stuff 

Don’t forget the fun things for your client to help them feel at ease! The night before, curate a boudoir playlist full of girl power and feel good songs. Having some good music playing when the client arrives and during their entire session can help them feel more relaxed right from the get go! Also make a grocery store run for refreshments. Grab some bottled water, soda, redbull, champagne, and orange juice. Having a variety of drinks that you can offer your client is another nice touch to help them get relaxed and feel like themselves for the session. 


These are just a few tips that I encourage everyone to do the night before their boudoir session! I will be posting weekly blogs covering different educational topics for you guys, so keep checking back weekly for all that goodness. I will be having a post coming up with my top tips of what to do before your client arrives for their boudoir shoot that you’ll like if you found this one helpful! 

Drop any questions about the night before your boudoir session in the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer them for you!



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