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Being Prepared the Morning of Your Boudoir Session


Hi guys!


Last week I broke down my top tips for getting ready the night before a boudoir session. If you haven’t checked that out yet, make sure to read that first and then come back to this post! It’s the day of your session. It’s officially go-time! So many photographers in my Facebook Group tend to tell me they get overwhelmed the morning of their boudoir shoot or everything they already know has left their brain. I can guarantee that you still know everything you have learned and it’s just some pre-session jitters. You got this girl! But I’m going to give you a few tips to feel the most prepared before you start shooting. 

1. Arrive Early 

This is a pretty simple tip, but one I wanted to make sure I said it. You should arrive at your boudoir location before the client so you can get set up! Whether you have a studio or you are doing it outside (yup, I’ll have a whole blog post coming on places to do boudoir sessions aside from a studio) it’s good to arrive early so you have time to set up. I’d suggest 30 minutes before your client so you don’t feel rushed. 

2. Find your Light 

This is probably the most important tip here! When you’re shooting light and airy, especially with boudoir, you’ll want to make sure you find good, clean light. Sometimes this can be tricky, especially with windows! If the sun is bouncing off of a dark building it can actually reflect this color into your window, and therefore make your light not as clean! Your client’s skin can pick up so many colors that will make editing tough later on so make sure you’re finding clean window light if you’re shooting natural light! If you’re outside the same rules apply. Find a spot that isn’t too dark and shaded but also not too bright and harsh. Getting to your session early allows you to have time to find your best light. 

3. Set Up 

Here’s when your playlist and drinks will come into play from the previous blog! Set up your Bluetooth speaker and get a good girl power playlist going and have drinks, snacks, and any other goodies set out for your client. When they arrive for their session you want them to feel at home and welcomed by you! You can even text your client before the session and ask what their favorite song to jam out to is and have it on cue for when they arrive. It’ll just be one more added bonus to the overall experience that you’re giving them. 

4. Check your Poses 

There’s no shame in needing some help in your posing. Remember, the goal here is to make the client feel amazing and comfortable. If you need to look over my posing freebie to do that, do it! You probably already know great poses and prompts for your client but just looking over some photos before you start shooting can keep that inspiration fresh in your mind. 

5. Have Fun! 

Ok seriously, I know as photographers we can get overwhelmed with all of the fine details of photography and be focused on our lighting, settings, poses, and how images will look during editing. That is all important but the experience you deliver your client should be top priority right now. Especially with boudoir, it’s more important than ever to help your client feel confident and have fun! They can feel the energy you are giving them! So relax and have some fun. Talk with them, ask about their lingerie, how excited they are to have these photos, and really find out their why behind boudoir. Play that awesome playlist, offer them a drink, and get to know them. The amazing photos will happen but the experience you give them comes first during their session. 


Now go out and rock your boudoir session! As always, feel free to leave questions in the comments or in the Facebook Group. There are hundreds of other photographers in the group who can offer their insight as well! Make sure you keep checking back because I’ll be bringing you weekly educational blogs for your boudoir photography business. 



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