Sioux Falls Boudoir Photographer

Every body is powerful + amazing.

Because you …

...Hold it down at work and at home
...Embrace your battle scars, both physical (I see you, Mama) and invisible
...Care equally for your friends, family and community
...Are a gorgeous creature who deserves a day of self-care

Every body is powerful + amazing.

Every woman deserves to

feel that way

Boudoir photography celebrates all the ways your crazy beautiful body has held you up, moved you forward, and turned you into a woman who can get. it. done. Girl, that is something that should make you proud. 

How to love yourself in six hours or less? Let me show you.

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Everyone books a boudoir session for a different reason.

Maybe it’s to celebrate a milestone or achievement. Maybe it’s for that boost you need to fall back in love with your body. 

But whatever brings you to my studio, I want you to keep one thing in mind.

You can do this just for you! 

Take a look at what I offer. Trust me, you’re gonna love it.

Services & Experience

"When I tell you that booking my session was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I mean it."

I booked this session for ME, and it was beyond magical. I was so nervous beforehand. “How will I pose?” “I’m not sexy enough or beautiful enough for this.” All those thoughts and more ran through my head. But when I walked into the studio after hair and makeup, with my first piece on, I fell in love! Emma made me feel so brave, beautiful, and comfortable during the entire process. We laughed, shot pictures, and never once did I feel nervous! When I have bad days, or don’t feel worthy, I look at these photos and remember that I’m capable of anything. So grateful for Emma!

Haley N

Baring It All

At least, metaphorically

You focus on your fab self. I’ll do the rest.

Girl, I’ve been there. That little voice in your head that tries to steal your confidence? I’ve heard it. Those insecurities? Yeah, felt them too.

You deserve this luxurious day to practice a little self-care, and you’re trusting me to show you just how gorgeous you are. That’s a big deal! 

I’ll use my expertise to take care of you every step of the way. That means access to my shopping guide, an on-site professional hair & make-up artist, and an invitation to pick items from my exclusive lingerie closet. During our session, I’ll get you comfy by demonstrating every pose and giving you detailed direction. All that plus a music mix that’ll have you singing, dancing, and having fun!

a note from emma, to you


You focus on your fabulous self. I’ll do the rest.

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"I did something I never thought I could do. I stepped completely out of my comfort zone."

I took a day for ME. I am a farmers wife, a busy mama of 4 daughters, and they all have my full attention 100% of the time. I spend very little time for me. Today was day one of a new me. I am beautiful, I am brave, I am confident. A boudoir photo shoot!! Was exactly what this mama needed. Not only was it super relaxing but it was FUN. Emma was amazing to work with and knew how to make you feel comfortable from the moment I walked in the studio. I left with my head held high. I am BEAUTIFUL.

Teresa V

Ready to Fall In Love With Yourself All Over Again?