Maybe you’re not 100% sure this indulgence is worth it. But let me tell you right now. It is.

The Best Thing You’ll Do for Yourself       

Girl, I hear you.

all year

like, so worth it.

Modern boudoir photography is a celebration. Not just of your beautiful, amazing body, but all the ways you love yourself as a woman. You deserve this day to really focus on yourself. 

I would love to take care of you and showcase your natural beauty. Trust me, sis, you’re gonna love it.

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You focus on your fab self. I’ll do the rest.

"I did something I never thought I could do. I stepped completely out of my comfort zone. "

I took a day for ME. I am a farmers wife, a busy mama of 4 daughters, and they all have my full attention 100% of the time. I spend very little time for me. Today was day one of a new me. I am beautiful, I am brave, I am confident.

A boudoir photo shoot was exactly what this mama needed. Not only was it super relaxing but it was FUN. Emma was amazing to work with and knew how to make you feel comfortable from the moment I walked in the studio. I left with my head held high. I am BEAUTIFUL. Hair and make up also made you feel right at home in her chair. She knew exactly what to do and all her attention was on you.

Teresa V

Ready to Fall In Love With Yourself All Over Again?