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Hey, friends! I’m Emma, a Sioux Falls Boudoir Photographer.

Helping people feel their best has always been part of who I am. Before focusing on photography, I worked as a nurse, and now I use that same expert care to help women feel like a million bucks. Oh my gosh, it is the best.

Snag your spot for the ultimate day of empowerment & self-care.

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I’m doing boudoir a little different, and I think you’ll love it


My approach to boudoir photography is to showcase what you love about yourself in a natural, classy way. 

That means if you’d rather wear a long-sleeved bodysuit, cozy sweater, or cute tee, go for it. The BEST photos come when you’re feelin’ it, so I’d never force you to wear something that makes you uncomfortable. But don’t worry, I’ll help you during our session with amazing hair and make-up and super detailed posing directions that come from my years of experience.

Guys, I am not lying when I say I’m proud to show these photos to my grandma. Your images will be classic and beautiful, never raunchy, and I want you to walk out of my studio excited to show them off! (But, for real, my grandma follows me on Insta and loves them all!)

"When I tell you that booking my session was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I mean it."

I booked this session for ME, and it was beyond magical. I was so nervous beforehand. “How will I pose?” “I’m not sexy enough or beautiful enough for this.” All those thoughts and more ran through my head. But when I walked into the studio after hair and makeup, with my first piece on, I fell in love! Emma made me feel so brave, beautiful, and comfortable during the entire process. We laughed, shot pictures, and never once did I feel nervous! When I have bad days, or don’t feel worthy, I look at these photos and remember that I’m capable of anything. So grateful for Emma!

Haley N

Caring for my clients is a really important part of my job.

You don’t just show up and take your clothes off! Learn more about the process and how I prepare you for the big reveal.

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