These Photos Make Me So Happy

Its an amazing thing...

I see my clients feeling like a new person and rediscovering their confidence. I see them smile and sit up straighter, like the queens they are. 

recognize her worth

You know what I see when I look through these beautiful boudoir portraits? watch a woman recognize her worth and see just how others she loves view her.

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Baring It All

At least, metaphorically

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*Because boudoir photography is intimate by nature, this is only a small portion of the photos I’ve taken. Everyone you see here has given their explicit permission for me to showcase their images.

Naturally, being a female and being 80% naked in front of a camera can be quite nerve wracking. However, within minutes of meeting Emma in person my nerves quickly settled. She poses you according to your outfit and body type, and even goes as far as to make sure your hair is placed just right! I appreciated this so much because the little details made the final photos that much better. Whatever your reason may be for doing the session is definitely the right reason. I will cherish my photos for years to come!

Here it straight from the source

-Emily W

With a new found empowerment, xoxo,

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"... whatever your reason may be for doing the session is definitely the right reason."

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