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Five Things I Bring to Every Senior Session

February 9, 2019


This post has been a long time coming… I get asked all of the time what to bring to a senior session. I shoot on location, so I have to pack light, or be bogged down by a ton of gear. But I always pack these five things in my bag. Every time!

1. Nikon D750

Well, it only makes sense that I bring my camera. Right? I am usually asked what kind of camera I shoot on, so I wanted to make sure and post this here! My favorite is a Nikon D750, which is considered a professional level camera. For the price and the quality of the images, it can’t be beat!



2. Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 (for Nikon)

The fact that I don’t actually shoot with a Nikon lens is always something that surprises people. But honestly? I think this is even sharper than Nikon’s 50mm 1.4! I have both in my bag, and if my Sigma Art isn’t already on my camera… you can bet that I never leave it at home for a senior session! The images are sharper and have a better compression to them with this lens. Definitely my fave for senior sessions!


3. Reflector

Now this one is a game changer! To bring light back up into the shadows of your senior’s face, pack your favorite reflector! This one just happens to be my fave, because it has a handle! I hold one handle with one of my hands and hold the camera with the other.  That way, if I dont have anyone there to assist me, I can still reflect light into my senior’s face and get the best possible result in camera!

I’ve Gotta Have It!


4. Stepping Stool

Everyone wants to get the good angle, and unless you’re six feet tall, you might need help reaching that angle normally. I love this stool for that purpose! Anyone who has ever had a session with me knows that! Don’t worry about it being hard to carry around. This stool has a handle, and collapses quickly. That makes this stool the perfect companion for your next senior sesh!



5. Changing Tent

Alright. You ready for me to blow your mind? Since I shoot on location for my senior sessions, I used to have my seniors change outfits in their car. That is, until I bought this one thing that totally changed the game for me! It literally just pops up, and your senior can duck inside and change without having to try and change in their tiny little car. Seriously, I love the changing tent. It’s private, it’s light, it’s affordable. I would highly, highly recommend for your next session! If you want the tent that I use, you can click here.




Well guys, that’s it! Those are my five things I bring along for every single senior session! If you liked this post, check out my three tips for booking more senior sessions.




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