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Three Tips for Better iPhone Pictures Using Your ECP Mobile Preset

March 13, 2019


Because everyone has been loving my free mobile preset, which you can snag here, I decided to share my three favorite tips for getting better iPhone pictures! You can start using these TODAY! These are little tricks that I use to get my iPhone pictures the best I can before bringing them in to Lightroom and editing them.

1. That Good Angle

Have you ever opened up your phone, just to see that it was on the front camera, and you immediately start doubting everything you’ve ever known? Haha okay… so maybe I’m being A LITTLE dramatic.

But I’ve definitely been there, done that! There’s a reason why we hold our phones up like Simba from the Lion King when we’re taking selfies. It’s because this is the angle. The good angle. The skinny angle. Whatever you want to call it. This is the good one, sis. Now, this doesn’t just apply to selfies. When you’re taking a picture of someone else, hold your phone up slightly higher than eye level to get a better angle for them! Trust me, this one is a must, and your friends will thank you for it!

2. Find a Clean Background

Go to any of your favorite websites to shop at, and you’ll see most of them choose to keep their backgrounds white, gray, or black. This helps our eyes focus on the subject and not be distracted by busy backgrounds! So I’m going to let you in on an insider tip! Next time you’re about to take a picture, find a really simple spot and clear any sort of clutter out of the background of your picture. So if this means taking down a painting or picture off of the wall, do that. If this means standing by a brick wall or a white wall, then by all means, go find one of them! This one little trick will help transform your pictures!

3. That Good Light!

‚ÄčIf you’re inside your house, the next time you take a selfie or a picture, take it facing a window. THIS IS THE MAGIC! This lets the natural light fill in any sort of lines or spots on your face and is just all around more flattering. I promise, this works! Go take a picture standing by a window so that the light is hitting the back of your head, and turn around and take one again. That window light is all it takes to get a flattering picture! And bonus, your mobile preset is going to work so much better when you have good lighting.


Now all of this to say, our phones can only do so much, and sometimes we have to tweak them a little. That’s what my ECP Mobile Preset is for! Maybe your picture was just a little dark, or needs a nice pop, or maybe you think it would be so much better just as a black and white. That’s why mobile presets are such a game changer! Make sure you grab yours here!


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