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The Boudoir Experience with Me // Sioux Falls Boudoir Photographer

light and airy boudoir photos


Looking for a Boudoir Photographer in Sioux Falls?

Hey friend! I wanted to write this blog post today for all the amazing women in Sioux Falls that step out of their comfort zone and decide to book a boudoir session or are even thinking about it. First off, CONGRATS GIRL! You absolutely deserve this time to feel like the true queen you are and I am here to help.


I know that it can be a bit nerve-wracking to get in front of the camera for any session, let alone a boudoir session. But believe me, I am with you every step of the way to make sure you have a blast, feel amazing, and leave with photos that make you say “oh my gosh, that’s me!?” think it helps to feel confident in any situation when you feel prepared. So this blog is all about feeling prepared for your boudoir session! I want to make sure you know what you can expect from a session with me.

Where Will the Session Take Place?

All of my boudoir sessions are shot in a private studio space in Sioux Falls! It’s an incredible space with amazing natural light and very minimalist decor.  I keep it clean and simple to showcase YOU. When you book a session with me, you also are going to get professional hair and makeup done on the day of your session. We’re going to make sure you feel like a rockstar! 


light and airy boudoir photos

How long is a boudoir session?

Your session is 90 minutes so we have plenty of time to get in a groove and make sure that you never feel rushed from pose to pose. You also get full access to my client closet! I have lace robes and cozy sweaters for you to choose from and have lingerie in sizes extra small through 6x. Not only do I have a client closet, I give you my own personal lingerie styling guide so you have something to reference if you decide to purchase your own lingerie! 


Will you help me pose?

During your session, I walk you through each pose so you never feel awkward or wondering what to do next. I actually show you what to do! I have music playing for you and beverages for you to enjoy. It’s all about having a relaxed and FUN experience with me! After your session, we will set up a viewing and ordering session where you’ll get to see your edited images and select your favorites to order! I create custom orders for my clients and have plenty of examples of books and other prints for you to check out and feel before you order your own. 


black and white boudoir photo

Treat Yourself!

I also encourage all the ladies who book with me to pamper themselves before their session. Have you been dying to get a fresh haircut and color? Now is the time! Do you enjoy manis and pedis? Book yourself a spa day before your session! I think you deserve to treat yourself with any type of beauty services that you love and that make you feel beautiful. You’re investing in yourself by booking a boudoir session and this is the perfect time to go all out and feel beautiful inside and out.

sioux falls boudoir photo in green bodysuit

My last note I want to leave you with, is that I truly believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and empowered. Every single one of you. The best part of my job is getting to be a part in making you see yourself as I see you through a boudoir session. Whether you’ve booked a session or are thinking about doing one, I promise that you will leave feeling amazing and on top of the world, which is exactly what you deserve. If you have any questions or are ready to take the jump and book your boudoir session, contact me on my contact form today! 



PS: To see more of my Sioux Falls boudoir work, click here! 


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