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Ten Things for Brides to Bring Along to The Bridal Suite

If you’re like most of my brides, getting ready is a ritual. A time with your girls. A time to relax and be pampered before your big day. It’s also when your photographer will likely do your bridal details. Now, when I was a bride, I did not know what this term meant. Bridal details are anything that’s involved in your day. It’s your flowers, your shoes, your jewelry… etc. To help things run smoothly, these are ten things I recommend having in your getting ready room!

1. Mimosas 

Now, this isn’t for the photographer! This is for you, girl. Because mimosas say that you’re celebrating something, and they’re just extra fun. So throw a little bubbly in your OJ while you get ready.

2. The Invitation Suite –

This means your stationary! Your invitations, RSVP card, directions card, an envelope, an order of service… Photographers love to document that as part of your day!

3. The bride’s shoes –

Yes these will likely end up in your pictures, as well! If you’re planning on wearing comfortable shoes, here’s a hack. Bring along a cute pair of bridal shoes (permission granted to have tons of rhinestones on your shoes!) and have your photographer just take pictures of those! No one has to know that you’re wearing Toms underneath your dress 🙂

4. Florals –

This means the bridal bouquet and at least the groom’s boutonniere. Another thing that photographers love to add to your pictures is the loose ends of the florals. Ask your florist to just put this in a plastic baggie and include them! Trust me, they make amazing additions to your pictures!

5. The Rings –

Ring shots are some of my favorite pictures. I am all about showing off that bling, so make sure to have your ring and your fiance’s ring in the getting ready room, all polished and ready to go! A lot of my brides will ask if they should solder their engagement ring and their wedding ring together before the ceremony. It is up to you, but some of the most fun pictures of rings are when they are not soldered together yet!

6. Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new – 

I especially recommend having your borrowed or old thing in the room! I’ve had the honor of photographing some of the most special family heirlooms, including one bride’s grandmother’s 3 carat diamond ring! Bring your heirloom pieces and I will definitely make sure those are in your pictures.

7. Gifts 

If you and your fiance are exchanging wedding day gifts, make sure to bring these along so that I can take pictures of these!

8. Letters – 

I think writing letters to each other for the other to read on your wedding day is such a sweet gesture! My mother also wrote me a letter and made me cry. These are amazing keepsakes, but if they’re going to make you cry, let’s do it while the makeup artist is still there so she can help with touchups!

9. Bride’s Dress 

You’ll need this in the getting ready room so that you can get dressed! 🙂

10. Veil 

Photographers actually love to use this to help soften the look of detail shots, and if there is any lace detail or beading, we’ll want to be sure to get close-up pictures of that too.

I’m sure there are much more than ten things I could have listed, but having these items in your getting ready room will help you get the most detail shots of your day, and will also help your photographer out by having everything in one place! Win-win!

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