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How I’m Keeping Things Clean and Safe For You!

Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room

Coronavirus. You can’t go anywhere without reading it. And obviously there are some very negative connotations with this word so honestly, I’ve avoided talking very much about it! It’s all over the internet, it’s the thing on the top of a lot of people’s minds, and it’s something that has honestly changed the world.


(Not to make light of a very serious situation, but whoever said one person can’t change the world never ate an undercooked bat.)


I’ve always wanted my business to be a place of positivity and happiness. And even though the word “Covid-19” is a little taboo right now, I do think that it’s important to be informing my clients about how I am operating my business to keep you safe, and prioritizing your health. This is a little known fact about me, but I actually have my bachelor’s degree in nursing and am a registered nurse! So if those 4 years of school taught me anything, it’s that hand hygiene is the number one way to prevent communicable disease. We had a teacher that would say that almost every lecture, and she is still proven to be correct about that!

Steps I Am Taking to Prioritize Your Safety

  • My appointments are private appointments. There will never be more than you, me, and my hair and makeup artist present at your appointment. Spectators are not allowed. I am advising my clients to not arrive early for sessions so that there is no overlap and to allow sufficient time for cleaning. I am also not taking more than one appointment per day.
  • Following all group size guidelines set forth by the city and state recommendations.
  • All contract signing and payments are accepted online only to minimize contact.
  • Surfaces in the studio will be wiped down with Clorox wipes prior to your arrival.
  • I wash the bedding from your boudoir session using a sanitizing solution. Bedding is washed after every session. This also applies to any borrowed lingerie.
  • I’m advising clients to reschedule appointments if they or anyone in their household is sick or has a fever.
  • Practicing good hand hygiene and offering to wear a face mask for your session.
  • I shoot from a distance most of the time, but I will minimize any times that I am less than 6 feet from you.
  • Viewing and ordering sessions can be done
    online via FaceTime or Zoom calls instead of in person.
  • Touching others will be minimal. Although I love and appreciate a good hug, I will have to issue a raincheck for the time being!
  • Clorox wipes are readily available, as well as hand sanitizer or good old soap and water!
  • If you are uneasy about coming to your appointment at all, I am waiving my rescheduling fee for the time being so that we can reschedule to a time that you are comfortable.


After rescheduling all of appointments since this whole thing blew up in March, I am itching to get back in the studio and operate my business once again, so YES I am taking appointments! But to make sure that I am able to keep you safe and myself and my family safe, I will be limiting the amount that I take right now. I welcome any questions that you have regarding how I am keeping you safe and clean during this “new normal” era!


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