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5 Reasons Why You NEED A Second Photographer on Your Wedding Day

January 14, 2019

Those Precious Moments…

This moment? You would have only seen half of the story with one photographer.

Luckily, Emma Christine Photography comes with TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS.



By having two photographers, you can capture both sides of these special moments. In the example above, we were able to capture Cameron’s reaction AND Allie’s reaction when they saw each other for the very first time on their wedding day.  With us, you’ll never look back wondering, “Gosh I wonder if my face looked like I was excited to see him?” Because we believe in capturing both sides. So much that we include it with every single wedding package. As a husband and wife team, you will always get the two of us capturing your day.

Here are five reasons you absolutely need a second photographer for your wedding.

1. More cameras, more angles, more photos

Well this seems obvious! But it’s true, and we actually carry MORE than two cameras with us at all times, just to make sure we always have a backup! We love to have two different photographers capturing so many different angles of the same event happening. For instance, Jon might be in the back of your ceremony space getting a wide angle of the entire church. That way, I can be in the front getting your parents smiling at you as you say your vows! We are technically capturing the same event, but you are going to get SO MANY more angles of it with two photographers. And more angles means more variety, which means more photos for your final gallery!

2. We can capture different events at different locations

I literally cannot emphasize this enough! While Emma is capturing the bride’s details, Jon can grab shots of the final touches of hair and makeup. Additionally, Jon can be where the groomsmen are getting ready, photographing them. That way, Emma can get the shots of the bride’s mother helping her into her dress.  This helps maximize the number of photos you are getting back in your gallery! A lot of the time with just one photographer, these things are missed, because one person can only be in one location at a time. But since two are better than one… we can be at two different locations at once!

3. They make group photos go smoothly

Because whenever you get a group in front of the camera, it’s always a little trickier to catch things like a cell phone in your pocket, or a ponytail around your wrist.  When you’re a solo shooter, your mind is so busy. You’re trying to keep a mental list of all the shots you need, as well as adjust your settings, evaluate lighting…  And sometimes little details (like a ponytail) get missed! Ultimately, the second photographer is great at adjusting little things like that, or asking that everyone just makes sure to take their phones out of their pockets.

Also, second photographers are great at rounding up the next group for family pictures. With our ECP Brides, we receive a list of family groupings that they’d like, and Jon is terrific at finding someone to help him find the next set of grandparents for the next pictures. So that our brides don’t have to be constantly worrying about who they’ve forgotten for pictures!

4. You’ve always got a backup

I know this might blow your mind, but yes, photographers are human and do need to grab a drink of water sometimes or use the restroom. I know, shocking, right?! 🙂 By having a second photographer present, this ensures that no moment is left without a photographer there! We spot each other and check in with each other all of the time to guarantee that your day is flawlessly captured.

5. Two photographers keep things flowing!

Take it from us, your wedding day is the fastest day of your life. And probably the one day you’re not wearing a watch or paying attention to clocks! We both will do our absolute best to keep things moving on your day and watch the clock for you so everything runs on schedule. However, there are some things that just take time in photography world… like setting up lighting. With two photographers, one of us can be photographing things while the other is setting up and testing lighting for indoor reception pictures. (We’re natural light photographers, mainly, however for receptions we will use a little flash to light the room!)

One of us can also be prepping you for something, like walking over to your first look, while the other is figuring out camera settings. We are ALL about efficiency and making things flow smoothly. And we know we work best as a team, so we love working together!

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