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Hello gorgeous! I'm so excited you're thinking about senior photography mentoring! Mentoring is a great way to take your business to the next level, and this is just step one! Whether you're just getting starting with your senior business, looking to expand an already successful business, or you've never even photographed a senior... this is the place for you! 

One-on-one mentoring will be tailored to your specific photography needs. We'll talk about things like marketing to seniors and their parents, becoming more confident in posing your senior clients, learning how to communicate at a session with your seniors, and whatever specific senior photography needs you  have. 

I offer in-person mentoring as well as Skype mentoring sessions to best fit your needs. Scroll down to see all that I offer for senior photography mentoring! I can't wait to work with you!  

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We'll meet up at my studio in Huron, South Dakota and talk all day long about marking, consultations, dissect your pricing structure, posing, running a senior spokesmodel program, working with teens and spokesmodels, session workflow, portfolio review.... 

Truly, anything is fair game. I'll send you a questionnaire prior to your mentoring session and we'll use your questionnaire to guide our day together! 

Also included is a one-hour session with a senior model, and headshots for you. 

in person mentoring


Maybe you just need a little boost to get your senior photography business to where you want it, or just need some advice on how to set yourself apart. This is a great option if you have a few specific issues you would like to focus on. The online option includes two hours of one-on-one instruction via Skype, as well as an email consultation and questionnaire prior to your mentoring session. 

 mentoring (Skype)


Need a little more instruction than a one time call? This is the option for you! We'll have six one-hour long Skype sessions together over the next six months to get your senior business where you want it! This is a great option for someone looking to get a senior spokesmodel program going, someone offering senior portraits for the first time, or someone in their first year of business.  

long term
 mentoring (Skype)


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