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I get it. Growing a photography business is a lot of work.
But you don't have to do it alone. Let's build something incredible together.

education for photographers

- Pricing Strategy
- Increasing Bookings
- Product Offerings
- Client Experience
- Project Workflow
- Marketing and Web Presence
- Shooting and Editing

potential topics include:

"I think I know what I want to do I just don't know how to do it."

Listen friend, I've been right where you are. There is a lot of business advice out there... but how much is actually tailored to fit to you and your business? If you find yourself running into questions about your work, your workflow, or your business... Coaching can help bring you that clarity you've been dreaming of! 

Whether it's a one time intensive, or you decide to commit to a few months of coaching, keep reading to learn more about how coaching can help answer your questions about business workflows, portfolio feedback, pricing and products, or marketing.

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real talk: building a business is hard.

I can help with that.

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"this coaching session made all the difference for me. "

After my call with Emma, I felt refreshed. I felt like I had a better direction for my ideas, new things to consider, and permission to stop apologizing for selling. Emma reminded me that photography is a luxury service and that is not something to shy away from but rather something to be proud of and market. I now have new ideas to consider that will help me break into a new community with grace and confidence. I would recommend a mentoring session with Emma to anyone, but especially to someone who has the ideas, but needs the guidance to create an impact. Because impact is everything and Emma’s guidance will help you get just that!

Marissa R

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I cannot wait for you to have a fresh take on your business ... you deserve to be  confident and happy! Let’s plan your coaching session!

Hey, lovely. Let’s talk!


You'll receive expert insight on the next steps to pursuing your business. No more worrying, stressing, or guessing. You can go forward with your business knowing that you've got this! 


a game plan

There's nothing better than checking something off of a "to do" list, am I right? After your coaching session, you'll leave with actionable steps to help you start accomplishing your goals.



I never wanna leave you hangin'! After each session together, you'll receive two weeks of Voxer support so that you can follow up with any questions that you have, or let me know about progress you're making, or big wins that you have (cheers to that!).


you will walk away with

Maybe you’re not 100% sure this indulgence is worth it. But let me tell you right now. It is.

The Best Thing You’ll Do for Yourself       

Girl, I hear you.

all year

like, so worth it.

I get it. Investing in your business is hard. But that's why coaching with me is different.

My goal for you is to make back this investment, and a whole lot more! Take the tools I give you and run with 'em. There's truly no limit to what you can accomplish, but it all starts with taking that first step.

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