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  Because everyone has been loving my free mobile preset, which you can snag here, I decided to share my three favorite tips for getting better iPhone pictures! You can start using these TODAY! These are little tricks that I use to get my iPhone pictures the best I can before bringing them in to […]

When I was just starting out, I remember I truly had NO idea what to say while I was taking people’s pictures! But as I went along and became more experienced, I learned that the more you talk, the more comfortable your clients will be. And these are just a few of the phrases that […]

My First Workshop On Saturday, I hosted my very first workshop with the help of four other incredible women in our community! For those of you that couldn’t be there, the main take home messages were improving your self esteem, improving the lives of others, and leaving a legacy in your community. I got to […]

  This post has been a long time coming… I get asked all of the time what to bring to a senior session. I shoot on location, so I have to pack light, or be bogged down by a ton of gear. But I always pack these five things in my bag. Every time! 1. […]

When I was first starting out, I always was looking for tips to book more seniors! Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, I think there are three main things you NEED to do in order to have a successful senior business! 1. Find Your Audience This is one of my favorite tips […]

I remember when I was a bride (just two years ago!), I was spending tons of time on Pinterest looking for bridesmaids gifts! I wanted something cute and customizable to give my girls! While I thought kimonos were cute, and water bottles were practical, I knew I wanted something unique for them. Here are some […]

Now that you have picked a date and a venue as well, you can celebrate! Those are some of the toughest decisions in wedding planning and you can cross them off your list! Hooray!! Now on to the fun stuff…. like your engagement session! Your Engagement Session We include complimentary engagement sessions in The ECP […]

Those Precious Moments… This moment? You would have only seen half of the story with one photographer. Luckily, Emma Christine Photography comes with TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS. AUTOMATICALLY. EVERY WEDDING. By having two photographers, you can capture both sides of these special moments. In the example above, we were able to capture Cameron’s reaction AND Allie’s reaction […]

Everything about this Black Hills elopement is giving me GOOSEBUMPS.   The way he looks at her, her sparkly dress and flower crown, his tuxedo vest, the snowy Black Hills in the background… alllllll of the details of this elopement are just incredible. Which is why I just couldn’t wait another moment to blog it! […]

Creating A Wedding Timeline | South Dakota The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself First: Creating your wedding timeline can be stressful, but hopefully I can help ease that concern for you! Before you create a wedding timeline, you need to ask yourself these three questions first: “When will I have my wedding ceremony?”, […]

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