Are you ready to

generate four-figure sales consistently by adding boudoir to your photography business?

Let's create the building blocks that will allow clients to trust and value your expertise, while also bringing stability to your business during the off-season.

a little like this...

overwhelmed with working nights and weekends to make ends meet

I see you. You wish, more than anything, that you could find a way to create extra revenue for your business. Something to help your bank account have a little more wiggle room, or allow you to have recurring revenue every single month without constantly having to go out and look for new clients to fill those spots. You're struggling with the idea that off-season might be around the corner and you know from experience that the last thing you want to do is to go through multiple months where business is tight, things are slow, and you start to get frantic.

Maybe you've been feeling

but there are a handful of things that are stopping you

You are tired of hearing about In Person Sales (IPS) and feel like none of your clients would ever buy products from you.

you've considered adding boudoir to your business before...



You are worried about what people would think! You don't want your family or current clients to think you're shooting anything "scandalous".

You don't think anyone would pay you that much to shoot a portrait session. Your current clients are already nitpicking at your current prices!


imagine if you could feel 

Imagine if you were to add boudoir to your business, and you now have a calendar booked out months in advance that not only brings recurring revenue to your business, but also allows you to keep a flexible schedule while making an extra $3k, $10k, even $20k a month, just from portrait work.

generating clients months in advance and having a booked out calendar



finally getting portrait clients who value you and replace your income during the off-season


creating a thriving boudoir experience that empowers your clients from the moment they find you

like this...

this could be you:

getting consistent four-figure clients

You need a proven strategy.

does not just happen with luck.

One that is built to not only showcase your expertise and value, but is also going to build immense trust with your potential clients.

When it comes to boudoir, it's not just about showing up and taking a photo. It's not just renting a studio and having someone come meet you. This is a transformational experience for your clients. This boudoir session is your client's cocoon, and after it's done they're coming out as a brand new butterfly. That metamorphosis is up to you, though. If you're in boudoir to change women's lives and show them their real beauty - the way the world sees them, and not the negative way they picture themselves in the mirror - then you're in the right place. Keep reading.

but what about you?

What do you deserve? Let me tell you, friend.
- You deserve clients that hug you and tell you that they are your biggest fan when they come to their session with you.
- You deserve to be paid for all of the time that you pour into your clients and their experience with you, including all of those late nights you put in.
- You deserve to not be panicking when tax season rolls around, because you know you've got enough stored away for taxes this year.
- And you deserve - no, you *need* - to take a vacation with your family. This last year's been a doozy, and your job can provide that extra cushion you need to take your family on that trip you've always wanted.

So heres the thing...

As a photographer with a whole lot of empathy, it's easy to tell our clients that they deserve the absolute best.

This program could help your business to legitimately explode. You could be the next overnight success. Or, at least you could be making an extra $1k - 2k per month to help your family, to go toward a savings account for a big family vacation, for whatever you want! 
You've got this. You're worth this. Let's make it happen.

meet the educator

Before focusing on boudoir photography, I was all over the place with weddings, seniors, families... you name it, I've probably shot it! I didn't specialize in anything because frankly, I didn't think it was possible for me! I'm from a small rural area in South Dakota, and I didn't believe there was people willing to pay. So I shot just about everything.

I knew that I wanted to empower women, and that was the core of my business. And then I found boudoir, and I knew it was something that aligned with me! But I didn't really know where to start, or how to get people to book with me, or how to convince people that I was the expert they needed to book.

When I decided to jump feet-first into boudoir, my business changed dramatically. I'm talking consistent four-figure clients in just four months of shooting boudoir. Within six months of shooting boudoir, I was able to say no to taking on additional clients outside of boudoir and to solely focus on this one thing that I love doing!

Hey friend! My name is Emma

4 months



amount of time it took me to start having consistent 4 figure clients

average booking per client

average profit from each session


average sessions per month

are you ready to take the leap 



vip coaching for photographers

We're going to give you the building blocks that will allow you to generate consistent four-figure sales without slimy IPS tactics.

a look inside what you'll receive

four months of one-on-one coaching with me
access to all my workflows and templates
video modules with supplemental instruction
 slack (a messaging app) support  during our time together

four months of one-on-one coaching with me
four months of intimate group coaching
access to all my workflows and templates
video modules with supplemental instruction
 voxer (a walkie talkie app) support  during our time together

what we'll be learning

a glimpse at 

through each month's video modules

month one:

month two:

month three:

month four:

business 101

pricing and products

marketing basics and client experience

retouching images and strategies for filling your books

Boudoir is so different from other types of portraits. In this month, we'll be going over the foundations you need to have a successful boudoir brand.

Your photos were meant to be printed! We'll be going over the psychology and strategy behind your pricing, and also learning about products that your clients will love!

I'll teach you my high-converting marketing strategy and we're going to polish up your workflow to ensure a seamless experience for your clients!

Let's go over ways that you can retouch your clients images, but keep them feeling natural! PLUS strategies to keep you booked and busy throughout the year!

And as an added bonus...

You'll also be getting access to my Posing Course, if you aren't already enrolled! Posing is foundational knowledge that you need to be able to give your clients the best experience. 

spots are limited

Because of my busy schedule in the studio,  I am only accepting a small number of coaching students to make sure you receive the best instruction possible. I want you to be able to walk away with the knowledge and tools to start a profitable business with clients that are wanting to book.

Most coaching programs of this level would run anywhere from at least $1k-$3k per month. But you receive a special introductory rate of just $557/month, or $1997 if you decide to pay in full.

but you don't have to

take my word for it.

see what other students have to say:

monthly individual coaching

included in this limited time offer

Once a month, you and I will meet for 45 minutes of individual coaching via Zoom. We'll talk about your business, set goals for you and discuss your progress as we go along together!

workflows and templates

You'll also be receiving access to my personal workflow and all templates, like the emails that I send out to my clients, my client prep guide, my model call guide, and more!

video modules

You'll get access to videos that cover your pricing, products, your client experience and more, which will help you attract your ideal client and help you fill up your calendar.

slack support

Got a question in between our meetings? No worries, you can simply send it over Slack to me and I'll be there to help you through whatever you're working on.

imagine this...

Off-season rolls around and for the first time, you are not stressing because you have a calendar booked out of four-figure boudoir clients who are consistently paying their invoices and bringing in a solid stream of income for your business.

four payments of $557

This is the lowest rate that this coaching program will ever be offered! Our first group coaching session will start mid-September, so don't wait! Fill out the contact form and let us know that you are IN!

Four 1:1 coaching calls

Four group coaching calls

Monthly video modules

My client workflow and templates

Voxer access

By the end of The VIP Coaching, you will be able to 

Have a process that will lead you to generate four-figure clients


Understand how to showcase your expertise as a boudoir photographer


Do IPS in a way that feels natural, fun, and exciting and allows your clients to be thrilled at the opportunity to purchase their products from you


Have a boudoir brand that you are proud to tell family and friends about


This is for you

if you are...

ready to add boudoir to your photography business and make substantial income from it

ready to feel confident in your ability to give a four-figure experience to your clients

struggling with knowing how to present your boudoir offer and want it to stand out in your industry

wanting to work with clients that value you and what you have to offer

This is 
for you if...

probably not

you don't want a supportive, hands-on coach with lots of feedback

you enjoy dealing with clients who like to nickle and dime you for everything

you're content with where you're at in business and don't have time to commit to growth right now

This sounds amazing, but can all this help me if i still work a 9-5 job?

Great question - yes! The video modules will all be taken at your own pace, and I will be supporting you through Slack, too! You can send those messages any time that works for you and I'll always get back to you during my office hours. 

Additionally, we will work together to determine a time that works for you to do your coaching call with me, and replays will always be available for you to watch later!

you may still have questions...

I completely am ready, but the money scares me! 

Here’s how it helps me to think it through biz investments: costing it out. How much is no posing workflow, second-guessing yourself and not doing anything costing you? How much MORE could you make every year with a streamlined system and clients that sing your praises to all their friends? How many more boudoir clients could you book in a year, or how much could you increase your rates? If those numbers outweigh the investment, then it’s clearly a sound business investment. 

How long will this program run?

This four month coaching program runs from January - April. This is the perfect time to hone in on your indoor portrait skills, especially during off-season from weddings!

how much time each week will i need to devote to this? each month?

I'm a firm believer in "you get what you give" when it comes to business, so how much you work is entirely up to you. I'll be there to support you as you go along at your own pace. However, when you consider our video modules and individual coaching calls each month, I would expect to commit about 3-5 hours to these each month.

I’m totally ready to go, how do I sign up?

Scroll down and select whichever plan you prefer! But hurry- there are very limited spots available.

Best Value!


Four 1:1 coaching calls

Monthly video modules

My client workflow and templates

Slack access

Four 1:1 coaching calls

Monthly video modules

My client workflow and templates

Slack access

Send your questions to and one of our team members will get back to you in the next two business days!

still on the fence?