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Hey, (soon-to-be) seniors! You’re probably starting to prepare for your transition out of high school and into “the real world.” How do you want to be remembered by your classmates? My goal is to help soon-to-be graduates memorialize their unique style, their hobbies, and their passions with a senior portrait session. It’s the best way to celebrate the closing of one chapter and the exciting beginning of another. Plus you’ll love looking back on these images down the road. I hope you’ll choose me to be your senior photographer!

I'm based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and cover the surrounding area. I work hard to showcase who you are because I believe in authenticity. You can check out some of my favorite photos in the gallery below!



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It’s no secret… I love to laugh. I mean, I’ve seen every episode of The Office at least four times now. Life’s too short to be serious all the time, and I believe laughter is the most valuable tool in my arsenal. Having your portrait taken can feel awkward at first, so I like to lighten the mood with some general silliness. It makes the photos look so much more natural, too!

While I’ve done lots (and lots) of senior portraits, I don’t use a “formula” for my sessions. I want every single one of them to be unique! I work hard to showcase who you are because I believe in authenticity. 

Most Likely to be Laughing

Not only does Emma take BEAUTIFUL photos, she's
always putting her girls first
and making senior photos as easy and fun as possible.

McKenzie N.

emma let me express my creativity and style in every way I wanted! I loved how she got together with me beforehand to discuss ideas and outfit choices!

Avery S.

Emma was amazing and was
willing to try anything!
Even get in a lake!
my pictures were ready in no time at all
and i loved every one of them!

Citlali R.

I absolutely love how my pictures turned out and
I can't wait to share them with everyone!
You do amazing work!

Kenzie H

When you book a session with me, I know you probably have questions or want to get a few ideas. You’ve never done this before! I enjoy helping my clients choose the perfect outfit, props, and locations, and I love to meet up with you prior to your session to make sure everyone is on the same page!

1. Get Pre-Portrait Help

The Emma christine photography

senior difference

Everyone feels like a million bucks when they put on a pretty new outfit, but I honestly believe that knowing how to pamper yourself and look your best in your pictures is what sets you apart. I provide each of my seniors with a style guide so that they can look and feel beautiful!

2. Two Words: Style Guide

Some photographers take senior portraits very seriously. I do believe they’re super important and an heirloom everyone should have, they should also be fun! When you choose me, be prepared to laugh a ton, and just know that I’m game for anything to get the shot you want!

3. Lots of Laughter

I know how eager you are to get your photos back, and I work hard to deliver them as soon as possible. However, I don’t cut corners when it comes to editing. You’ll always look like you, but I will touch up minor blemishes, stray hairs, and anything else that might be distracting.

4. Professional Photos, Quickly

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Typically, senior portraits start in the summer between Junior and Senior year and can be taken up until the end of the year, around the holidays. Choose the time of year that speaks to you. Some of my seniors are much more drawn to summer, while some prefer fall (hello pumpkin lattes and pretty leaves!) and some like to wait until there’s snow on the ground. Of course, we can do indoor photos anytime of year. As long as you book your session at least a month before your school’s yearbook deadline, you’re going to be just fine!

How far ahead do I need to have my senior portraits taken?

I’m pretty flexible! Sometimes people have a specific location in mind that’s special to them, or sometimes we just look for a location with lots of great lighting. Let me know if you want me to scout a location or if you prefer to pick one yourself. I love getting creative and I embrace the challenge of an non-traditional setting. I’ve even done some amazing photos inside a greenhouse! 

Where will we shoot the photos?

Yes, please bring props! I’ve had seniors incorporate their car, guitar, a big ol’ balloon, or their future college’s colors, for example. These are the things that help make your photos unique and a true representation of who you are right now. I also can do one outfit change, but more than that can cause the session to run past the scheduled time.

Can I bring props or extra outfits?

I strongly believe that your portrait should actually look like you, not a airbrushed “plastic” version of you! I will edit out any blemishes or injuries that are obvious, and I adjust color, brightness, and contrast. However, I like to use the natural light as much as possible and keep things authentic.

Do you edit or touch up the photos?

Simply provide me the contact information for your school’s yearbook department, and I take care of making sure your photo of choice gets delivered in time!

How will my school get a copy for the yearbook?

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The Senior Photography Experience is $800 + tax and includes high resolution images and a print release.

I’m so happy you’re considering me to document your final year as a high school student! What you love to do, the person you are, and what you stand for right now will define you more than any other period in your life (because people will ALWAYS want to know what you were like in high school). Capturing this moment in your life with professional photography that you can hold onto forever is definitely worth the minimal investment. 

Every package includes a print release and the digital photo files so you can download and print as many high res images as you’d like! Even better, the files never expire so you’ll always have the memory to revisit and share.


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