ECP Signature

Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project
Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project



Two signature presets - my signature, time-saving color preset and black and white preset

A how-to guide for installation and application

An invitation to join the Facebook group to ask questions, get support, and share your successes, victories, and before/after images! 

Create beautiful, consistent images that your clients will love while getting your time back!

Grab my signature presets that I use to edit everything from senior portraits to wedding receptions. And the best part? Not trying to decide which one to use! That's right - no going back and forth trying to decide between one edit or the other. Just apply my signature preset as your import preset, use only the basics panel to edit, and DONE! 

True to life colors, bright greens and creamy skin tones. What could be better?!

You'll also be getting my signature black and white preset! I love to use it for creating romantic, timeless images for my wedding galleries! My seniors also love black and white duplicates of their images, so this makes creating those images a breeze!

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