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Boudoir Posing Course for Photographers

Nine Modules and Four Bonus Videos with My Best Posing Tips
TWO Live Sessions - One Regular and One Plus-Size
BONUS Maternity Boudoir Posing
BONUS Shooting for "Social Media Friendly" Shots
Exclusive Facebook Community


I was there! But after shooting so many boudoir sessions, I began to develop a posing flow for boudoir sessions. Now? I can walk into a session with confidence knowing exactly what to expect. And I'm going to teach you my methods for shooting a boudoir session so that you have a flow for posing and aren't scrambling for your next shot!

Boudoir Posing Course

Are you a photographer who wants to offer boudoir, but just doesn't know where to start when it comes to posing?

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Two live boudoir sessions

Posing that flatters all body types.

Walk into your session with confidence.

I'll completely pull back the curtain and take you along for the ride while I photograph two sessions for people I've never photographed before. You'll be able to see and hear every word of how I pose my clients during their actual session! 

In this course, I don't just cover one body type. Because every body is different, and you need to be prepared to make them look amazing! That's why I go over so many different variations of posing and adjustments you can make so that your client LOVES her photos!

There is no doubt that shooting a boudoir session can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, it should be fun! No more pulling up Pinterest during shoots or struggling to come up with the next pose. You'll know exactly what to do next and have a gallery full of images to show your client that you can be proud of!

So...What's Included?

The Boudoir Posing Course includes nine modules filled with the best tips and methods for posing every body during a boudoir session. We cover posing  - from the basics of posing, to posing for social media friendly posts, sexier posing, more reserved posing, and beyond!

Nine Modules full of information that you need to be able to pose client effectively:

Also included are...

Module One: The Foundations. Boudoir posing is SO much different than anything else! We'll cover the basics so that we're on the same page about techniques that I use while shooting.

Module Two: Creating an Experience. Posing plays such a key role in your client's experience, but there's a little more to it than you'd think. We'll go in depth over how to create an empowering experience through posing.

Module Three: Lingerie 101. You might not know it, but lingerie plays a huge role in posing your clients! So in this module we'll cover all of the different types of lingerie, and how you can use it to your advantage while posing!

Module Four: Flattering Every Body. This is the bases of your poses! We'll go in depth about how I get my clients into a base pose, and exactly what I say to get results!

Module Five: Variations of Posing. Our sessions wouldn't be as exciting if we didn't add a little variety in! In this module, I'll teach you how to get lots of different poses without moving your clients and wearing them out!

Module Six: Plus-Sized Tips.  While the posing for plus-sized clients is similar, there are variations I like to add in for my plus-sized clients, and things to be aware of when posing. 

Module Seven: Reserved Posing. You may have a client that would like to stay more covered up, or prefers more reserved posing. This is fine, but it's important to know exactly what to do while still keeping the posing flattering and romantic.

Module Eight: Sexier Posing. Some clients like things a little hotter! In this module I'll show you how to spice it up a little and show you exactly how I do more sexy poses while still keeping it playful and romantic.

Module Nine: Cropping and Details Shots. Cropping your shots at the wrong point can turn a good pose into a bad one. I'll walk you through my strategies for cropping, as well as show you how to shoot amazing detail shots that your clients will obsess over!

TWO live shoots with raw footage of me directing my clients! Watch me shoot two sessions from top to bottom! Including one regular sized client and one plus sized client.

Maternity boudoir posing! This is becoming a hot trend for expecting mothers, and it's so different from regular boudoir posing. I'll teach you all of my tricks for flattering mamas-to-be!

BONUS: Shooting non-identifying shots! We'll talk about photo releases, and how clients are more willing to use these types of shots on social media. 

Exclusive Facebook Community

And SO much more!

Plus, more bonuses!

In this exclusive beta launch community, you'll have an opportunity that no one else will have. Class will be taught live each week in our exclusive community, and after each class you'll have an opportunity to ask any questions that you have! By participating in the beta launch, you'll get help shape the course for future students. 

Yes, you get the nine weeks of group coaching AND the full course when it launches later this year! All for a super discounted rate!! But, this is only a one-time deal for the beta testers and will never be available at this low rate, or with all of these bonuses ever again!

Nine weeks of group coaching and Q&A sessions during our live classroom

Plus, gain access to the full course when it launches this fall

Including nine weeks of group coaching and Q&A sessions during our live classroom

It doesn't matter if you don't even have anyone booked right now, or if you are just starting to dabble in the world of boudoir. I'll show you all of the methods that I use to pose my boudoir clients for every session. We'll break down posing so that you have a flow, and know exactly what you're going to do before you even walk in to their session. When you are confident, you clients are too, and they'll be singing your praises to all of their friends after their session!

This course will launch for 300+ this fall, but you can get in on this amazing beta deal for just 197 today. 

One boudoir session could pay for this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this posing course change my boudoir business?
A solid posing system can make or break your pictures. Your lighting can be good, your editing can be spot on, but if your posing just isn't it, your clients aren't going to love their photos. People do boudoir for all different reasons, but the end result is still the same: they want to look beautiful! People want to see the way the world sees them, and it's our job as photographers to show them their beauty.  
Ultimately, it comes down to knowing that your posing is helping them feel good about themselves!  Every little adjustment I make in posing is because I know it's going to create an incredible photo that my clients can't wait to show their partner or their best friend. I've witnessed it firsthand with my own business and I can't wait to see you transform yours.

Does this course come with a Facebook community?
Yes! There is a Masterclass community exclusively for members of this class to ask questions and cheer each other on. The beta launch of this course will also be exclusively hosted in this community.

Will we be able to re-watch the lessons?
Of course! The beta students get the benefit of re-watching the lessons in the Facebook group AND access to the course when it fully launches later this year!

What is different about this beta launch?
It's a classroom style beta launch! I want to make this course the very best it can be, so I want your input and I want you to ask questions! This way, when the full launch happens later this year, it can help as many people as possible. We'll start classroom learning the week of July 20th.

Does this course come with any bonuses?
Yes! It comes with two live shoots with real clients, an exclusive Facebook community, a module on maternity boudoir, a module on shooting social media friendly shots, and so. much. more. You'll also get access to the full course when it launches later this year!