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stop panic-scrolling through pinterest for your next pose?

The Boudoir Posing Course

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scrambling for your next pose

Yikes. We've all been there. In the middle of a session, your client waiting on your every word and suddenly your mind goes blank, and no idea what to tell them for their next pose. If only you had a way to remember exactly what you wanted to do during their session and knew the pose was going to flatter their body... no matter what...

Maybe you've been feeling

imagine if you could feel 

Totally calm and collected. Knowing exactly what you're going to do for your client's session before you've even met them. Because you've got a system in place that works for all of your clients... from size 2 to size 12 to size 22, something that works for every body.

empowered to finally start booking those boudoir sessions you've been wanting to do



confidence in knowing exactly how to pose your clients to flatter their body


proud of the work you are creating for your clients

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a look inside what you'll receive

Eight Modules and Four Bonus Videos with My Best Posing Tips
THREE Live Sessions - One Straight-Sized and TWO Plus-Sized
BONUS Maternity Boudoir Posing
Exclusive Facebook Community

for a limited time

You get it all! Get access today to my personal posing system that I use for every single client, no matter what their size, all three behind-the-scenes shoots, the bonus maternity boudoir session, and so much more, for what you could make in just one boudoir session. If you are ready to add structure to your posing, gain confidence for "what's next" during your session, and deliver an amazing client experience, you belong in the Posing Course.

"I FINALLY have found a 'system' I can follow and not just trying to remember what pose should come next."

Kashia C

I’ve taken MANY posing courses - this one gives the fundamentals of what’s needed for posing. Emma gives the base for posing and no one else that I have found has given this!!

A Posing System

included in this limited time offer

We don't just cover one body type. Because every body is different, and you need to be prepared to make them look amazing! That's why I go over so many different adjustments you can make so that your client LOVES their photos!


I'll completely pull back the curtain and take you along for the ride while I photograph three LIVE sessions! You'll be able to see and hear every word of how I pose my clients during their actual session! 


You can't wait to show off your latest session, but there's just one problem. Boudoir photography is constantly being flagged on social media. I'll teach you my tricks to get around that, and you can save the spicier ones for the album.


Lingerie plays a huge role in how we pose our clients. We'll learn what pieces help emphasize our clients' favorite assets so that we can use them to our posing advantage!

exclusive facebook community

We weren't meant to do life alone. Join our members-only Facebook community and get instant feedback from your classmates!

meet the educator

Helping people feel their best has always been part of who I am. Before focusing on photography, I worked as a nurse, and now I use that same expert care to help women feel like a million bucks. Oh my gosh, it is the best.

My approach to boudoir photography is to showcase what you love about yourself in a natural, classy way that flatters all bodies - from sizes 2 to 12 to 22.

Hey friend! My name is Emma


Best Value!

Get access today to my personal posing system that I use for every single client, no matter what their size, all three behind-the-scenes shoots, the bonus maternity boudoir session, and so much more, for what you could make in just one boudoir session.

This sounds amazing, but can all this help me if my business is brand spankin’ new? 

Great question. This course is totally designed for photographers that are self-starters and go-getters. We’ve seen all different types of photographers go through—regardless of how long they’ve been in business… Think of it as a way to add structure to your boudoir sessions.

Plus, you’ll have as a resource the Facebook group, so you can openly discuss what you’re learning and thinking through with fellow same-niche colleagues. I know that motivation in an online workshop can be a challenge, so I’ve committed to cheering you on every step of the way: my students will be hearing from me as I pop up in the course group throughout the program. I’m holding your feet to the fire. 

you may still have questions...

Okay, but how will it change my business?

Having a solid posing system can make or break your pictures. Your lighting can be good, your editing can be spot on, but if your posing just isn't it, your clients aren't going to love their photos. People do boudoir for all different reasons, but the end result is still the same: they want to look beautiful! People want to see the way the world sees them, and it's our job as photographers to show them their beauty.  

Ultimately, it comes down to knowing that your posing is helping them feel good about themselves! Every little adjustment I make in posing is because I know it's going to create an incredible photo that my clients can't wait to show their partner or their best friend. I've witnessed it firsthand with my own business and I can't wait to see you transform yours.

I completely am ready, but the money scares me! 

Here’s how it helps me to think it through biz investments: costing it out. How much is no posing workflow, second-guessing yourself and bad posing costing you? How much MORE could you make every year with a streamlined system and clients that sang your praises to all their friends? How many more boudoir clients could you book in a year, or how much could you increase your rates? If those numbers outweigh the investment, then it’s clearly a sound business investment. 

How long will this take me? 

The course is go-at-your-own-pace. I designed it so that you can binge it all at once, OR you can totally take it one lesson at a time. From the students who have binged, they tell me it takes about 1-2 days to fully absorb everything in there. BUT here’s the good news, once you are in, you’re in for life. As long as I am offering this course, you’re a part of it! 

This isn't just another pdf full of it?

Nope, nothing like that! This course was made for visual learners, that's why I include three full behind-the-scenes sessions so you can see exactly how this posing system is put into action! 

I’m totally ready to go, how do I sign up?

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